Domain name Registration and Management

What's in a name?

Choosing the most suitable domain name can reinforce your organisations identity and branding, improve your search engine performance and improve the performance of pay per click campaigns.

Care should also be taken to ensure your chosen domain doesn't lead to confusion with other companies offering products and services in the same market etc.

Registration and Management

Having signposted you through the options available and helped you make the most appropriate choices we can register, set up the domain name to point to your website and provide an ongoing re-registration and management service.

You can also transfer domain names you may already own into our control so we can take over the management of those on your behalf.

Domain Extension Annual Registration Fee Minimum Registration Period 11+vat 2 Years
.com .net .info .org .biz .name 22+vat 1 Year
.eu 22+vat 1 Year
.mobi 22+vat 2 Years 50+vat 2 Years