Actinic Software

Actinic software V10

A very reliable and in-expensive piece of e-commerce software that you can install and control on your own computer or network, it can hold tens to thousands of products which you can add to and edit at the touch of a button.

Actinic Resources

  • Click here to visit the Actinic site and download the trial.
  • Click here to read the Wikipedia definition of e-commerce.
  • Click here to run an example Actinic site.

There are three main Actinic products that we use to create our clients web sites. Below are the links to detailed pages and a small summery of which each is for.

Actinic Products


Actinic Catalog V10.


This simple to use, award winning package and is in our opinion the best piece of kit for small to medium size businesses that you can get on the market for an amazing price. Its easy to setup and you can start selling as soon as you have added your products.

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Actinic Business V10.

Actinic Business

The business version of Actinic has all the simplicity of Catalog but with lots of additional features such as order entry capability for mail and telephone orders, although a little more expensive, if you know what you want your site to do, this is the package to go for. Recommended by PC Pro and Personal Computer World.

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Actinic Business PLUS V10.

Actinic Business Plus

Actinic V9 Business PLUS can handle all of your web sites with just the one licence. You need multiple domains and hosting packages but only this piece of software to make as many sites as you like. You can also have additional users to have the system running on multiple machines in your office.

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Actinic Upgrades V10.

Using any of your old Actinic licence keys you can upgrade to the latest version of Actinic. The prices vary depending on what Actinic package you have - Catalog, Business, Developer, etc. Actinic has come a very long way since we started using it back in version 5. If you have a copy of V9 or older, you should really consider upgrading.

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