Actinic SEO

Actinic SEO

Actinic optimisation On-line Marketing road map

  • Search Engines: It's important to ensure the design and content of your website encourages search engines to rank your website as high as possible.
  • Pay Per Click Campaigns: Google and Yahoo pay per click campaigns can ensure your website is displayed where and when you want it for your preferred searches
  • Link Campaigns: With Search engines placing importance on a website's 'link reputation' healthy inbound links to your website can improve your search engine performance.
  • Email Marketing: We can set up and manage direct e-mail campaigns designed and tested to give them the best chance of being delivered to your mailing lists with full delivery reporting system.


  • Shopping Portals: Your product catalogue can be uploaded to a number shopping portals allowing your products to be offered to their visitors
  • Affiliate Marketing: A website which signs up to an another's Offering an affiliate program can allow other websites to feature advertisements linking to your product pages with commissions paid if a sales result.

Bottom up approach

We can help ensure you are effectively combining on-line marketing strategies to generate sales and attract new visitors to your website.

The advice and help we make available from choosing domain names and setting up suitable hosting through designing and developing your website to providing specific on-line marketing services combine to ensure that as far as possible your website has everything in place to generate sales.